KHDA 2019: Good

KHDA Report

DSIB DL Inspection Report 2019- 2020 - Released June 2020

Cambridge International School - Dubai has been rated: Developed

According to the report, the Distance Learning Team engaged in a rage of activities,  this is what the school does best:

  • Students Distance Learning and Wellbeing 
  • Teaching and Monitoring Students Learning 
  • Leading and Managing Students Learning 
  • Clear policies and procedures for safeguarding and wellbeing 
  • Careful attention and modification of curriculum standards, ensuring continuity of learning 
  • Extensive planning that responds to short-term needs and considers long-term scenario 

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KHDA Report 2018-2019 - Released May 2019

Cambridge International School - Dubai has been rated: Good

According to the report, this is what the school does best:

  • Implementation of relevant actions that are successfully improving provisions and outcomes
  • The very successful start that young children make in their learning and personal development
  • Above average stndards achieved by most students at the end of their school career
  • students' personal and social development, including high levels of understanding of different cultures and awareness of social responsibilities
  • The wide range of curriculum options and the continuity of learning pathways

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