The Duke of Edinburgh's International Awards

The Duke of Edinburgh is one of the most prestigious international award programmes for students 14 years of age and above. Participants design their own programme based on three key ideas: Community Services, Physical Recreation and Personal Skills, and the Award is divided into three stages: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, each having a set of requirements to fulfill. Students must apply their experiences from their personalized programmes in some form of communal activity with other participants, whether it be an Adventurous Journey or Residential Project task, in order to complete in stage. Even though it is non-competitive and voluntary in nature, it challenges participants in having them set, as well as reflect, on authentic and progressive goals in regards to their own personal growth.

Cambridge International School, Dubai as Independent Award Centre (IAC)

Cambridge International School Dubai is an official licenced Independent Award Centre (IAC) for the Duke of Edinburgh International Award. As a result, CIS students are now able to register for the DoE International Award programme within the school itself, promoting CIS as an avenue for creating life-long learners through authentic experiences and continued application of academic excellence in society.

Co-Directors of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award at CIS:

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