Reeny Varughese

Assistant Examination Officer

I have taken up the responsibility of ‘Deputy Examination Officer’ in CIS since the year 2018, and have been continuing in the position since then.

As a personal statement - I have over 10 years of experience working in this school and have mentored and tutored many students, especially with their requirements in the subject of Physics. Through all these years, I have been able to maintain strong relations with all my colleagues and students.  I am in the practice of systematically maintaining on a regular basis, records of discipline and assessment grades of students of all my classes. I am especially particular about working in an organized manner and meeting deadlines. It is with great pride I state here that my work among students has been consistently appreciated both by parents as well as by students alike. Further, now I have been given the additional responsibility of assisting the Examination Officer in conducting all the External and Internal examinations in the school. This has really increased my confidence and resilience.

My duties as Assistant Examination Officer includes coordination with the Examination Officer, SLT, staff, and students regarding Examination dates, timetables, invigilation duties and rooms necessary to conduct the exams smoothly, printing and distributing the ‘statement of entries’ for examination candidates, communication with parents, etc. With confidence and determination, I hope to continue ensuring a smooth flow in the conduction of examinations.

Thanking everyone for your cooperation, understanding and above all, the opportunity given.