Jyothi Jose

STEM Coordinator

My name is Jyothi Jose Yesudasan Joseph. I am currently the STEM Coordinator and Senior School Mathematics teacher at CIS. Equipped with a Masters in Math, I began my teaching career at CIS in September 2016. CIS is where I began to believe in myself, I ensured that I led by example and was adaptable to change. In the 5 years of my teaching career, I have also had the opportunity to develop and grow as a better human and excel professionally. I did my schooling in one of the eminent Anglo Indian Convent Schools- Mount Carmel Convent, which gives a strong base for my knowledge and language and it marked the most important part of my life. According to me, a teacher in real life plays several roles as a guardian, caretaker, instructor, learning facilitator, mentor, etc. That is a long list of responsibilities that a teacher is expected to comply with. The psychological and academic development of a child depends almost entirely on his/her teacher. Parents usually fulfill the materialistic requirements of a child, but a teacher molds his/her thoughts and inquisitiveness in a constructive manner so that s/he transforms into a productive adult. As the STEM Coordinator of CIS, I will provide instructional support and collaborative coaching to my teachers as they work to implement the National Standards and curriculum through a STEM integrated model. I aspire to work with teachers to support best instructional practices using data, analysis of school-wide trends in instruction and to make recommendations about potential next steps to address areas of need. As an advisor and collaborator to teachers, I the STEM coordinator is responsible for providing support in the designing of STEM units and lessons, providing content knowledge in STEM, analyzing data to modify curriculum and forms of assessment and sharing of best practices. Shortly my ultimate job would be to work with instructional teams to create effective STEM learning experiences for students.