Jesse Nguithi

Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator

I grew up in a very small picturesque rural town of Nairobi, (population 1100) and was always an active and outdoors child. I was a member of young men Christian association (Y.M.C.A). I was a three sport athlete right from the start, playing soccer, basketball, and swimming throughout school years. I always had a desire to travel and learn new things, after high school having attained good grades my DAD wanted me to follow his footsteps in accounting but my heart was somewhere else, we struggle for quite some time before he agreed, after receiving his blessings I enrolled in one of the best University our country can offer (Kenyatta University) where I pursued a degree in physical education. After receiving my associates degree and having a passion for sports and helping others I went back to Y.M.C.A to give back to the community by coaching and representing the club in different sports but mostly swimming. After two years in 2008 because of my swimming skills and the passion to see what the world has to offer I got a job here in Dubai as a team leader at a very prestigious hotel, the ATLANTIS. I worked in the Aqua venture for two years focusing on lifeguard training, first aid and guest relation. in 2010, moved to AFGHANISTAN location KANDAHAR where I worked as a military welfare and recreation supervisor (MWR), my prerogative was to come up with sports events for the serving male and female Americans to keep their minds at ease. After their mission was over they started closing camps and that’s when I decided to come back to DUBAI.  September 2014 I joined Cambridge as a lifeguard, after a year I got promoted to Physical education teacher and Learning Manager for year 13. Same year also got the initiative to lead the Duke of Edinburgh program which is a good program to help the young interested students to be able to depend on themselves in different field which include survival, volunteering and talent search.