Parent Testimonials

Testimonials are a way for our families to express their feelings towards CIS and continue to support our school, please read some of our parent testimonials.

"As parents, we would like to take this prospect to thank the teachers for their continuous care, support, collaboration, and most importantly patience. We have witnessed massive and exponential development in my daughter. She is so blessed to have teachers like you and I feel exceptionally obliged to have my daughter studying in CIS Thanks for your endurance, quality care, enthusiasm, diligent efforts and passion you provide each and every day. My daughter feels very comfortable and she tries to follow her teacher as a role model at home."

"I would like to show my appreciation to the teachers who have taught my son and has guided him to achieving amazing results in his IGs and A levels. they have been a source of confidence and inspiration for my child to work hard and achieve the level where he is today! Wishing the teachers all the best in their future endeavors"

“I would like to say that I am very impressed with the children's events and their performances. Thank You for all the effort the teachers have put in with them. The events are very fun, entertaining and educational for them. Keep it up CIS!”

"No words can describe how thankful I and my husband to have Anya be part of the family of CIS, under the qualified teacher along with educational programs you have. The teachers are so helpful, full of support and encouragement also bring the confidence in the class. What a year for Anya and especially for us parents knowing Anya is in a very good environment that always keeps her motivated to come to school and achieve her best. Thank you very much for your leadership and I trust CIS will more get recognize as one of the best education providers in Dubai, UAE"

"Being efficient and receiving the curriculum email has been really helpful. I am writing to express my gratitude to the head for sharing the same. Using this as a guide would really help parents like me to understand the curriculum and provide support to my child. Thank You"

"It is a delightful moment when we see encouraging and appreciation notes on the planner. It is an absolute encouragement, not only for the child, but also for parents like us who work to see their kids shine. After all, this is all for what we work day in and day out. It also shows your immense dedication as a teacher that you find time amongst your busy schedule to do things like these. A "Big Thank You" for being so lovely, understanding, significant and practical"

"Just a small note of appreciation to thank you for being such wonderfully supportive leaders and teachers. We are all truly grateful for the support that you made our children's sports day extra special. Thank You for checking on us throughout the day despite your hectic and very full schedule. Your willingness to be ever ready to extend yourself wherever and whenever necessary Is much appreciated and you are a wonderful example of a true leader and teacher. Thank You once again for the time and effort”

"My child loved getting an opportunity to perform and express his ability. The teacher's hard work and guidance were apparent in his confident performance. As viewers, we were enthralled by the beautiful choreographed and so overwhelmed by the whole experience.

Thank you, CIS for organizing events like this for parents, making us proud parents. All the best!"

"It was indeed a pleasure to volunteer for the picnic for the FS picnic along with other parent volunteers. I loved the way you and your team managed the kids, be it breakfast, games, and discipline. You deserve a 5 star. loved volunteering and I realized it is not easy to handle all the kids at the same time. When I was managing 5 of them you handled a group of 25+. loved to see the kids enjoying each and every moment of their childhood during the picnic, running up and down the hill, reminded me of my school days. Thanks again for giving me this opportunity"

"Writing to thank you for your continued support and encouragement to my child over the last two years in the French for both Edexcel and DELF curriculum. Her achievement would not have been possible without your support. We sincerely appreciate your efforts, you made her like, love and enjoy French. Thank you again."

"It gives us an immense sense of achievement that our son is with Cambridge. I am glad that we took this decision. thanks to my wife who pursued me.  It is imperative to stay positive and I am glad that our son is in such an amazing environment that fosters a positive attitude. The world has some unprecedented opportunity however if one remains positive he/she will be able to seize, optimize and thrive in this ever-changing paradigm."

"Just wanted to write to you to say a big thank you for taking care of my child during his fracture, all the kids have been equally wonderful in supporting my son during tough times and they have been very considerate and helping him in all ways they could."

"We heard all about the dynamic way the teachers deliver lessons and encourage participation and are pleased that our daughter is learning so much. Thank you so much CIS, I don’t regret the admission of my daughter there."

"We really can't explain in words the wonderful feeling of happiness and joy that we experienced to see our shy child performed so beautifully on stage today. It is all because of your inputs, encouragement. motivation, love & warmth that he became confident enough to enjoy the performance. He loves to dance but it was because of your care that he could overcome his shyness and bring out his talent. We can't thank you enough for giving my child the opportunity and making us proud parents"

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