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Ayham Al Serham

Head of Prefects

Hello world, my  name is Ayham Al-Serhan, and I am the school's Head of Prefects. There are always some things I enjoy, and socializing tops it. I make sure to represent our community and all that it encompasses for the future students who join our community. I enjoy challenging myself on a screen with whatever game is thrown at me, it keeps my attention focused. I believe that helps me greatly with the position of Head of Prefects. Diversity is what makes us stronger, we help each other out and build a secure foundation for the upcoming students in CIS.

My goal this year is to help simplify and ensure education and assistance are provided to all CIS students, teachers, and staff, as I have always considered CIS as my second family, and serving it will be my number one priority. If I was to learn something from the 10 years I have spent in this school it's that being grateful for everyone you meet, made me who I am, and this role is my service back to the school.