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Fees and Payments

We endeavour to make our payment process as easy as possible with a range of simple and straightforward payment options, as well as a clear, concise fee structure. You’ll find everything you need to know about our fees and payment process here. Of course, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Telephone: +971-4-282-4646

Email: [email protected]

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Fee Structure (2024-2025)

All tuition fees are payable in advance of attendance.

Fees are in accordance with the fee structure established by GEMS under the guidance of KHDA’s established School Fee Framework.


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Frequency of Payments Nature of Fees FS Years 1-2 Years 3-4 Years 5-6 Years 7-9 Years 10-11 Years 12-13
      At the Time of Admission Application Fee*
525  525 525 525 525 525 525
  Registration Deposit**
2,325 2,642 2,748 2,853 3,170 3,382 3,593
  Total 2,850 3,167 3,273 3,378 3,695 3,907 4,118


 10,568  10,990  11,413  12,681   13,527   14,372
Tuition Fee Per Term   January  6,975  7,926 8,243  8,560  9,511  10,145   10,780
  April 6,974 7,926 8,243 8,560 9,511 10,145 10,779
  Total 23,249 26,420 27,476 28,533 31,703 33,817 35,931

*Application Fee - Application fee of AED 525 payable at the time of applying for entry into the school. (Application fee includes VAT and is non-refundable if the offer of a place is rejected, and non-transferable) 

**Registration Fee - A registration deposit of 10% of the total tuition fee will be due upon the acceptance of the offer letter. The registration deposit is non-refundable but adjustable against the total tuition fees for the academic year. 

Fee Payment as per KHDA PSC 

First Term Due       - 31/08/2024

Second Term Due   - 31/12/2024

Third Term Due      - 31/03/2025

Computer Science or ICT (Information and Communication Technology) subjects are optional for years 9, 10 and 11.

All Cheque payments must be made to 'Cambridge International School' preferably on any bank based in Dubai.

These fees, subject to KHDA approval, may be reviewed.

The accounts office is closed at the weekend and during public holidays. However, the office is open to receive fees outside of normal school term times i.e. during school holidays, between 9.00am and 1.00pm.

Click here to view the fee increase approval letter from Chief of Regulations and Compliance Commission

Click here to view Transport Fees

Disclaimer: “Please note that school fees for the upcoming academic year are subject to change in accordance with Article 51 the Bylaw of Federal Law No. (28) of 1999 Concerning Private Education and applicable regulations.”


Parents can now avail up to 4.25% discount through the GEMS FAB Credit Card.

To apply, call:

Mr. Aneesh Chembret


[email protected]


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[email protected]

  • Payment Policies

    Payment Policies

    The tuition fees are due prior to the start of the academic year and payable in advance of attendance, at the start of each term. Tuition fees will be invoiced from the time of admission to ensure that payments can be processed before the start of the term. If your circumstances change, it is essential that you contact us in advance of the deadline so that we can guide you on available options. Please note, all tuition fees are in accordance with the fee structure established by GEMS Education under the guidance of KHDA established School Fee Framework.

    Application Fee

    Once an online inquiry is submitted, An Application fee of AED 525 is to be paid. Following are the T&C's

    1. Refundable if the school does not offer the student a place. Unless the child’s registration is carried forward to the following academic year.
    2. Non-refundable if the school offers the student a place but the student chooses not to take it.

    Not deductible from the total tuition fees to be paid if the student is offered and accepts a place.

    Registration Deposit

    This deposit is payable after the student has been offered a place and parents have accepted the offer. The registration deposit is 10% of the total tuition fees and is deductible from the total tuition fees for the academic year. Please note, this is a non-refundable deposit.

    Re-registration Deposit (For Existing Students)

    This deposit is payable at the time of Re-enrolment to guarantee a place for the following academic year. The Re-registration deposit is 5% of the total tuition fees and is deductible from the total

    Payment of Tuition Fees 

    The Application Fee is payable at the time of the online registration and is charged to process the application of new students. Once the child receives a formal offer from the school, the registration deposit is charged to enroll the child and secure the seat.

    If new students enroll at a school during the course of the academic year, the school can charge tuition fees starting from the beginning of the month of enrolment.

    Schools can collect annual tuition fees in three installments, due at the beginning of each term. The first term’s payment will be 40%, the second 30% and the third term 30% of annual tuition fees. 

    GEMS FAB Co-Branded Credit Card Tuition Discount

    The GEMS FAB credit card discount program continues into the 2019-20 academic year. Parents can receive a discount on their tuition fees when using a GEMS FAB Credit Card only. Click here for further details.

  • Refunds and Withdrawals


    While registration and admission fees are non-refundable, tuition fee refunds follow the Ministry of Education/KHDA Bylaws for Private Education. If a student withdraws or leaves school for any reason, refunds will be returned to the original payee as indicated below:

    • If a student withdraws prior to the start of the academic year, the balance of the first semester fees paid will be refunded, except for the registration and admission fees.
    • If a student withdraws during the school year, the registration fee and admission fees are non-refundable and the remaining tuition is refunded in accordance with the Ministry of Education Bylaws for refund payments:
    • If a student attends school for two weeks or less, one full month’s fee will be charged;
    • If a student attends school for more than two weeks, but less than one month, two full month’s fees will be charged; and
    • If a student attends school for more than one month, the entire semester’ fees will be charged.


    A written notice received one month in advance, conveying intention of withdrawal, is to be submitted to the Registrar.  This timeframe is required to ensure all necessary documents are ready.

  • Payment Methods

    We've worked to make paying school fees in Dubai as simple and convenient as possible for parents and guardians at Cambridge International School.

    In accordance with the fee structure established by GEMS Education, under the guidance of KHDA’s School Fees Framework, all fees due are payable prior to a student’s first day of attendance. Fees may be paid by the following methods:

    Existing families

    Online via the PARENT PORTAL by clicking HERE
    By bank transfer please contact school for the details
    In person in the Accounts Department by debit, credit card, cheque or cash
    Transport fee can be paid by clicking HERE

    New families

    By bank transfer please contact school for the details
    In person in the Accounts Department by debit, credit card, cheque or cash

    GEMS FAB Co-Branded Credit Card Tuition Discount

    If payments are made using an GEMS FAB Credit Card, parents are eligible for a discount on tuition fees. The below staff have been assigned as the personal representatives for all sales & service enquiries for Cambridge International School, Dubai. This option will enable the parents to receive convenient banking at their doorstep.

    Mr. Mohan


    Mr. Altaf Ahmed


  • Re-Enrolment

    To secure a seat for the following academic year, parents must pay a re-enrolment fee of 5% of school fees by given deadline.

    This fee is non-refundable and is adjusted against the first semester fees for the following school year.

    Please note that students who are unable to be registered with the Ministry of Education/KHDA due to incomplete documentation or students with any outstanding fees may not be eligible to re-enrol for the next academic year.

  • Non-Payment of Fees

    Non-payment of school fees may result in the withholding of school reports, references and/or examination results, as well as temporary or permanent exclusion from school.

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