Sandhya Menon


Deputy Head of Secondary School - Academics

I have been a member of the Senior Leadership Team at CIS since 2018, working in the capacity of the Deputy Head of Secondary School and the Career Counsellor. 

With a career that spans over 20 years, I can proudly say that this career has given me the opportunity to teach a thousand students and the good fortune to make a difference to the lives of over a hundred. Being able to help students carve a niche in this diverse and competitive world, is surely the most satisfying and challenging aspect of my job.

With the strong belief that each child is unique and possesses innate talents, I invest my efforts in assisting them in defining their paths in life. Education is not just academics, rather it is a blend of knowledge, skills and experiences, that prepares one for the journey that is life. 

Equipped with a Masters in English and a Bachelor of Education in the same subject, I marked the beginning of my teaching career at The Indian High School, Dubai. My experience here and in a few other schools, played an important role in shaping me as an educator, it was then that I fully understood the role a teacher played in guiding the students in their formative years and shaping their futures.

Having worked in the capacities of a teacher, EAL (English as an Additional Language) coordinator and presently as a Career Counsellor and Member of the Senior Leadership Team, I consider myself blessed to be associated with young talent that has yet to discover their potential. I look forward to continuing enriching the experience of my students and empowering them to make a positive difference in their personal as well as professional lives.