Gishy Koshy

Environmental & Exceptional Learners Coordinator

I have a Master’s Degree in Zoology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. I have 13 years of teaching experience both in India and Dubai. I prepare my students for both IGCSE and A Level Biology courses. Over the years I have incorporated different teaching and learning styles, supported students to achieve good grade against international standards. In my role as the faculty for BTEC Science, I ensured that the curriculum is implemented thoroughly, effectively and the schemes of work and faculty development plans are maintained and regularly updated. I have spearheaded to bring changes to the teaching and learning in BTEC Science according to the recommendation of the external verifier. I am passionate about environmental causes and had the opportunity to channel this to the students as the Environmental coordinator. I was able to motivate likeminded students and teachers to join the Environmental Club and work on improving the school environmental and bring about positive changes in their lives and community. I successfully ran many campaigns, competitions for all year groups. I have coordinated with different faculty and year heads to run these competitions and collection drives. Over the years I have also worked as a learning coach through which I have gained greater confidence in my ability both in the class and as a support to other colleagues.