Harshitha New

Harshitha Subramaniam

Psychology Coordinator - Secondary

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I understand." - Benjamin Franklin.

I am Harshitha Subramaniam, an educator on a mission to help children realise their latent potential. As an Applied Psychology postgraduate from India, I pursued a career in the field of education. I have been with the Cambridge International School Dubai since 2021 as a teacher for Social Sciences. I have strived to nurture the talents of my pupils by providing them a safe and conducive environment to express themselves. I strongly adhere to the belief that psychology transcends the scope of being a subject to be taught in school into a necessary life skill that is indispensable to lead a thriving life. I am contributing my part towards this ideal by adopting experiential learning methods in my classroom. Hence, I find it a great opportunity to expand my functions as a Psychology Coordinator at the Cambridge International School for the academic year 2022.