Sobia Raza

Head of Year 5

My teaching experiences have allowed me to work with students from a variety of backgrounds with diverse learning styles and needs and I have always been blessed to have excellent rapport with students and parents throughout my career.
I joined CIS in 2008 as a Primary Science Teacher and on several occasions, I have been recognized as a dedicated, ambitious and a passionate facilitator.
I have worked as Cambridge Learning Coach to support colleagues in the development of outstanding learning and teaching through coaching as part of performance development process.
I got the opportunity to lead year 5 team in 2014 and I have successfully completed three years in this challenging role with the support of my team!
At school, my major concentration is the learners of upper KS2, the pillars of our society. I try my best to improve the learning outcomes of my students through creative and interactive activities considering different intelligence quotient, that each child is “unique”.
For me, teachers not only communicate knowledge, but they also orchestrate the activities of students to create a learning environment that is intellectually and emotionally enriching.