Shireen Daureeawoo

Faculty Leader for French - Secondary

My name is Shireen Daureeawoo. I have been working at CIS since 2012. I hold a bachelor degree in French language, with specialisation in Science of Language.
In June 2014, I was appointed as Faculty Leader of French Department and Head of Year 11, in June 2016.
Over my time at CIS, I had the opportunity of organizing various events and external examinations such as Language Week, Language Perfect Online Championship, Delf exam and Cricket tournament.
I would characterize myself as a well-organized and reliable person. I would also say that I possess the ability to assimilate new ideas and methods. I enjoy working in any environment and have the ability to meet targets. I have always been recognised for my hard work and my leadership qualities. My love for education and children’s welfare, give me the determination to give myself 100% in what I do. I always look to develop new skills built on previous experiences. Teaching has been given to me as a personal talent. I am an inspirational educator and leader. I love leading my department, challenging and supporting my staff and students to be the best they can be.