Nurgis Nadir

Curriculum Leader for Math - Primary & CIE Mentor

I am Nargis Nadir, with PGCE from University of Sunderland, Sunderland, United Kingdom and Bachelor of Economics. I joined Cambridge International School in September 2000. I have held the post of Maths Faculty Leader in the Primary and in the Middle School successfully for more than three years. As Maths Curriculum Leader for Middle School and Primary I have adapted the UK National curriculum to suit our students’ needs and to ensure continuity and progression, breadth and depth in learning of Mathematics. I have incorporated innovative ways of teaching Maths by introducing successfully Maths Whizz in KS2 and 3 in 2012 and “My Maths” site for the Secondary & Primary in 2016 which had a significant impact on teaching and learning of Maths. Next year I aim to collaborate with Head of Years and Curriculum leaders to provide STEM project based learning to develop our students’ critical thinking skills and to encourage them to think out of the box. I am very passionate about children’s education and firmly believe that it is a dynamic learning journey for both teachers and students as we try to keep up with the fast developing changes in information technology and demands of the 21st century learning skills.