Head of Departments

Nurgis Nadir
Curriculum Leader for Math - Primary
Lizy Chandran
Curriculum Leader for English - Primary
Falak Nida
Moral Education Coordinator - Primary
Joseph Thomas
Faculty Leader for Math - Secondary
Princy Jackson
Faculty Leader for Science - Secondary Curriculum Leader for Science - Primary
Lynda Fernandes
Faculty Leader for Business - Secondary
Muhammad Hassnain
Faculty Leader for ICT/Computer Science - Secondary
Shireen Daureeawoo
Faculty Leader for French - Secondary
Sangeetha Philip
Faculty Leader for Vocational Courses (BTec)
Lina Ismail
Islamic - A & B
Assad Ahmed Mohamed
Arabic B - Primary
Leanne Ryder
Faculty Leader for Humanities - Secondary
Jyothi Nambiar
Faculty Leader for Social Sciences - Secondary
Reema Mughis
Faculty Leader for English - Secondary
Suzie Hachez
Achievement Centre, School Counselor & GEMS Counselor Network Leader
Pechetti Sri Vani
Director of Sports
Fiona Wallace
Director of Performing & Practical Arts
Peter D'Cruz
Examinations Officer
Nishrin Gilitwala
Moral Education Coordinator - Secondary
Ramy Wagdy
Arabic B - Secondary
Geeve Mathew
Director of Music
Sandhya Menon
English as an Additional Language (EAL)