Tanya Haresh Tilokani

Head of CCAS

CIS is the focal point for a unique set of talents, enticing and rather intriguing conversations, a myriad of cultures, and a horde of thoughtful perspectives. I have journeyed through my time at CIS with an open mind and heart, eager to be encapsulated by all the different shades of love and joy. This school harbors a particularly exquisite range of ideals wherein an individualistically curated intellect makes itself patent in every student’s mutual curiosity- A curiosity that the senior school leadership team at Cambridge is incredibly passionate about encouraging!

As head of CCAS, I aim to create a society capable of understanding the harsh realities of our world whilst simultaneously keeping itself aligned with the desire to achieve beyond what has been witnessed. Absolute exposure, creativity, and acceptance have found themselves to be the cornerstones of CCAS. It is my sincere hope that I can amplify the beauty of those ideals at Cambridge to create a reflective society that is passionate , courageous, and just.

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