Rupneet Shahriar

Head Girl

From my very first day here, I have realized that CIS is a cauldron of diversities, personalities, ideas, dreams, and emotions, and I've always considered myself incredibly lucky to grow in such a divergent environment. Moreover, every student in this community is busy paving their own paths, while still striving for excellence alongside their peers and teachers.

Similarly, this school has given me the freedom to express myself in numerous ways throughout the years, allowing me to hone my skills and harvest my knowledge, all to help me become a responsible global citizen. I am eternally grateful to have been elected as a leader this year, as I strive to elevate and enrich every students' experience by making channels for them to define themselves. So that every student has the power to lead, innovate and inspire our generation. That is why, it is truly an honor to accompany every students' learning journey, and facilitate new opportunities to be the best versions of ourselves.

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