Muskan Pattani

Head of Early Years

My name is Muskan Pattani and I am the Head of Early Years this academic year. I can’t wait to start getting to know the students and build a strong bond as well as unravel the beauty of the CIS Early Years community. I aspire to be a positive role model and make it my best interest to enhance the activities and well-being of the cis early years. I want to do this by suggesting ideas that are beneficial to both the children’s mental health as well as their physical abilities, proposing new and innovative ways for them to explore their talents and discover new interests. I strongly believe it is essential to understand the uniqueness of each child and view their education as though it were water to the plant that they are; helping them flourish and grow. Therefore, am eager and determined to give my time and effort into creating out-of-the-box ideas and putting these into action to make a considerable impact on the CIS early years community.
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