Advika Jagdish

Head of Interhouse (Falcons)

Our CIS student population is nothing short of amazing, diverse, creative, and hard-working. So many students with so many ideas, so many plans but no way of bringing them to life. In my role as the Inter-house head, I am willing to seek out these wonderful students, work with you, putting as much dedication into your views as you would, and help you hone all of your abilities in order for you to achieve your goal. To work together, with me and your fellow peers is nothing short of amazing. To share the small first steps of the beginning to be able to stand together after achieving our goal is a feeling parallel to none. Not only does it boost confidence and one’s communication, but it also makes you feel extremely happy. To be able to help my peers hone their skills and apply them effectively within the school is what I am confident in. I cannot wait to work with all of you!
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