Muhammad Hassnain

Faculty Leader for ICT/Computer Science - Secondary

I am Muhammad Hassnain, my accreditations Masters in Computer Science. Furthermore, I have taught for over 16 years at Masters, Bachelors of computer science, AS/A and IGCSE levels. I joined Global Institute, Lahore Pakistan in 2001 as a teacher, continued there for four years, and became faculty coordinator for next four years in the same institute. After that, I got opportunity to work in international school, of Turkey, as department head and worked there over one year. In 2010, I joined another international school Bright Future International in Qatar as a faculty leader; I held that position for three years until October 2013.

I joined GEMS in 2014 as a teacher in Cambridge International School, Dubai Branch. I continued teaching for one year in this school and then I got an exciting opportunity to become the faculty leader of computer science and ICT department and continuing in that role for last three years. Working in international schools and teaching multi-talented students, allows me to become more creative and innovative teacher. As a leader, I always like to take challenges and lead the team from the front.Beyond my educational qualifications of experience and education, I also offer a number of characteristics and values to my school, that are necessary for the worthwhile education to students, robotics is one of those. I believe in the use of modern tools & technology in classrooms to enhance the learning and its impact on students’ career.

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