Lizy Rosaline

Faculty Leader for Literacy – Primary

“The Best Teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see” – Alexandra K. Trenfor

I am Lizy Rosaline. I hold a Masters both in English and Education, a Bachelor of Chemistry as well as a Bachelor of Education in English/Science from the University of Madras.

Before my tenure at CIS, I have had 25 years of full-time teaching experience in some of the best private CBSE schools in India, Oman and the UAE. I joined CIS in 2016 as a Year 6 Learning Manager. With diligence, perseverance and having been rated as an Outstanding Teacher both internally and externally in the Gems Reviews, I was promoted in 2018 to the position of responsibility as the Curriculum Leader for English - Primary. This is simultaneously motivating - as a recognition of my contribution and efforts - at the same time makes you fully realise the additional responsibilities to shoulder. I was given an opportunity to be a CIE Mentor from November 2018, which has now been repeated in 2021.

I firmly believe that the Gems Group provide the most  ideal environment and infrastructure for both the Teachers and Students to bring out the best of their abilities. I also believe in the power of the Teacher to ‘influence and mould’ a student’s impressionable mind.

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